Cabinet Manufacturer Hendersonville, TN

August 31st, 2018

Miller’s Casework is a premier cabinet manufacturer providing services for clients in Hendersonville, TN. We combine traditional, high-quality craftsmanship with new-age manufacturing techniques. Whether it’s a casual cabinet for your bathroom or a detailed custom cabinet for a business space or dining room, we can help. Give us a call at (931) 739-9292 for a free estimate.

Custom Cabinets


We make your vision for your new cabinet(s) come true. Our products are durable, long-lasting, attractive, and functional. We handle jobs of all types and sizes and manufacture cabinets for both commercial and residential clients. The amount of options you have to choose from are limitless. If you have a certain deadline in mind, no problem — we make the process as efficient as possible to help our clients get the cabinets of their dreams on time.

Our Materials

Choose from High Pressure Decorative Laminate cabinets or Melamine cabinets. The HPDL cabinets are available in a variety of colors while the Melamine cabinets have a couple different primary color choices. Customize everything from the color and material of your cabinet down to its hinges!

Upgrade Your Cabinet


There are several ways that we can spice up your cabinets for you. Choose from finished ends or interiors, pre-finished veneers, plywood cores, and more! Our ability to provide clients with the cabinet that they’ve always dreamed of is second to none.

All of our cabinets are made one at a time. Choose all of the necessary specifications, such as color, material, and size. We use only the highest grade materials for our cabinets to ensure that our clients are getting the best product possible.

Our Software

Miller’s Casework uses innovative technology like Computer Numerical Control software to ensure that every cabinet we manufacture is free from errors. This software allows us to create flawlessly detailed cabinets. Whatever designs you have in mind, this software turns it into computer-speak to form a beautiful and high-quality product.

Call Us Today

We’re proud of our reputation as the top cabinet manufacturer for clients in Hendersonville, TN. Miller’s Casework continues to provide local clients with unique and flawless customized cabinets. For more information on our services, give us a call at (931) 739-9292.

Commercial Cabinets Hendersonville, TN

August 30th, 2018

Miller’s Casework provides high-quality commercial cabinets. Our cabinets can be customized to meet your vision exactly. We’re the top commercial cabinet manufacturer for clients in Hendersonville, TN. For a free estimate on the commercial cabinets of your dreams, give us a call at (931) 739-9292.

Our Style

Miller’s Casework combines traditional craftsmanship with new, cutting-edge technology. Our owner Albert Miller is from a family that has a deep background in woodworking. Today, we use  software and machinery that create accurate and error-free products that our clients have designed themselves through our many cabinet options.

Custom Commercial Cabinetry


We offer custom cabinets for all sorts of commercial spaces. This include hotels, doctor’s offices, businesses, athletic spaces, and more. With our variety of options in materials, designs, colors, and specifications, we can create the exact cabinets that you’re looking for.

Miller’s Casework makes the design process as easy as possible for clients. Our system makes browsing between specifications simple which allows clients to easily navigate through our wide variety of options. Our goal is to make the cabinets that you visualize come to life.

Great Prices

Get beautiful custom cabinets at unbeatable prices. We’re the best value company around that mixes low prices with products of the highest quality. Our friendly associates work with our clients to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.


Miller’s Casework is a family-owned and operated company. We rely on maintaining a solid local reputation which is why we put the same amount of care and attention into each and every project. Our software is designed to optimize the manufacturing process and limit the amount of raw material waste.

We work with you throughout the design process. Our team of expert technicians can help you with any of your questions or concerns. From the design process to manufacturing to installation, Miller’s Casework is there for you every step of the way.

Call Us Today

Miller’s Casework offers the best value commercial cabinets in the area. We provide services for clients in and around the Hendersonville, TN area. For a free estimate on your new custom commercial cabinets, give us a call at (931) 739-9292.

Frameless Cabinets Bartlett, TN

July 31st, 2018

Minimalistic designs are currently in style. Rather than adding a bunch of fluff to a product, minimalistic designs (i.e. frameless cabinets) focus on both practicality and functionality. At Miller’s Casework, we specialize in all types of designs for cabinets, including frameless cabinets. Clients in Bartlett, TN interested in customized frameless cabinets can give us a ring at (931) 739-9292. We’ll answer any of your questions give you a free project estimate.

The Benefits Of Frameless Cabinets


The fact that minimalistic designs are currently in style means you can get the best of both worlds: a stylish cabinet that is also practical. With a frameless cabinet, no space is wasted. At Miller’s Casework, our frameless cabinets are significantly stronger than standard stock cabinets. You can maximize the potential of your space with this smart design which can hold a lot more than other cabinet frames that are of similar size.

Frameless cabinets are both sophisticated and efficient. Miller’s Casework is a family-oriented business; we truly work hard to exceed the expectations of our clients. In fact, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee because we’re confident in our ability to produce exactly the type of cabinet that you are looking for.

Customize Your Dream Cabinet


At Miller’s Casework, we blend the benefits of old-fashioned woodcraft with innovative technology. It’s the best of both worlds. Through the use of modern technology, you can browse several different designs and colors so we can create the perfect frameless cabinet for you.

We use only the best materials so that our products are both beautiful and long-lasting. Our seamless designs are unique, aesthetically pleasing, and fully functional. Whether it’s for your bathroom, home, office, commercial building, garage, etc., Miller’s Casework will create a frameless cabinet that fits both the space and the design of the room perfectly.

Call Us Today!

If you want to learn more about our frameless cabinets or our other products, you can reach us today at (931) 739-9292. Our friendly team will work with you throughout the process so we can create exactly what you are looking for. As a local company, we take pride in providing clients in Bartlett, TN with uniquely designed cabinets of the highest quality.

Commercial Cabinetry Bartlett, TN

July 30th, 2018

Are you looking for a local commercial cabinetry company that can make your vision come to life? Miller’s Casework is based out of Sparta, TN and we’ve been providing quality commercial cabinets for clients around the Southeast for years. We’re the top option for clients in Bartlett, TN. Call us today at (931) 739-9292 to find out more and to receive a free quote!

Customized Your Way

Miller’s Casework specializes in customizing commercial cabinetry so that it suits our clients’ space and needs to a tee. We pride ourselves in providing products that are both beautiful and functional. You simply won’t be able to find stock cabinets that can come close to competing with what we offer.


Miller’s Casework utilizes a frameless European design that mixes modernity with quality old-school craftsmanship. You’ll impress many with a unique set of customized cabinets that really bring the room together. Our team can effectively design your ideal cabinets using innovative technology that allow us to put together each and every tiny detail.

Our CNC software will also allow you to browse your customized cabinets in different colors, materials, finishes, accessories, etc. This way, you can explore a myriad of options before settling in on a design to ensure that you’ll be getting the cabinets of your dreams. We have hundreds of colors, designs, and accessories to choose from.

More About Miller’s Casework

Miller’s Casework is a family-oriented business with deep roots in Old World craftsmanship. With us, you can expect unique and detailed designs. We blend the benefits of modern technology with our old-fashioned approach to woodcraft. We use only the finest materials and are genuinely passionate about what we do.

At Miller’s Casework, we have warranty options for all of our products to ensure that our clients get what they pay for. We’re so confident in our work that we also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our team puts the needs of the customer above all else. Clients in Bartlett, TN can rely on us for any of their commercial cabinetry needs. You can reach us at (931) 739-9292 for a free no-obligation project quote.

Commercial Cabinets, Bartlett, TN

June 30th, 2018

Miller’s Casework offers commercial cabinet design, manufacturing, and installation to residents of Bartlett, TN, and the surrounding areas. Our team members can take your ideas and turn them into the custom casework, cabinets, and countertops you need, no matter the space.

At Miller’s Casework, we provide much more than just cabinets. Our value is rooted in our commitment to beautiful, professional custom design services and superior customer service. Call (931) 739-9292 today to experience the Miller’s Casework difference and get your commercial cabinets on a roll!

Premier Craftsmanship Meets Cutting-Edge Technology


As a family-owned enterprise, Miller’s Casework stays close to its heritage. Owner Albert Miller comes from a long line of woodworkers who honed their old world craftsmanship skills. Today, Miller’s Casework combines that commitment to beautiful, quality pieces with software and machinery that ensures clean, precise design and cuts every time.

We pair our industry-leading machinery with innovative operator software for optimized cutting and processing that minimizes the raw material waste. Our nesting and cutting technology allows for rectangular and free-form shapes, and the integrated CabinetControl Base furniture design software allows designs to be rendered in 2D or 3D.

Commercial Cabinetry Applications

At Miller’s Casework, we know custom commercial cabinetry is an investment in your business, and we take every opportunity to build you cabinets that are both beautiful and functional, no matter where they may be housed. Some popular spaces for custom commercial cabinets include the following:

  • Hotels (kitchenettes, restroom cabinets, check-in areas, snack bars, etc.)
  • Doctor’s offices, healthcare spaces (waiting rooms, exam rooms, procedure rooms)
  • Businesses (entryways, reception desks, offices)
  • Educational settings (computer stations, bookshelves, work centers, school rooms)
  • Athletic spaces (locker rooms, gyms)
  • And much more! (banks, veterinary spaces, movie theaters – the list goes on and on)

No matter where you plan to install your commercial cabinets, the team at Miller’s Casework will help you design and execute your dream cabinets.

Affordable Custom Commercial Cabinetry in Tennessee

From design to manufacturing to installation, Miller’s Casework can help you get the beautiful custom cabinets you want at the price you desire. We have some of the most competitive prices in the industry, and would love to work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Call us today at (931) 739-9292 to learn more and talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable associates about how we can turn your commercial space into an efficient, space-saving, attractive area with new, custom commercial cabinets.

Cabinet Manufacturer, Bartlett, TN

June 29th, 2018

As a leading custom cabinet manufacturer for the South Miller’s Casework takes great pride in its work. Owner Albert Miller and his family blend beautiful, old world craftsmanship with modern manufacturing processes to create the perfect cabinet for you. Whether you are looking for semi-custom cabinets for your bathroom or business space or elaborate, detailed cabinetry for a formal dining room, Miller’s Casework has it all.

We at Miller’s are committed to helping you create your dream cabinets. For durable, quality commercial or residential cabinetry, call us today at (931) 739-9292.

Swift, Efficient Cabinet Manufacturing In Tennessee


Miller’s Casework provides attractive, functional cabinetry for a variety of spaces, including commercial and residential. Because we often receive orders that must meet deadlines – new office builds, kitchen renovations, etc. – we have streamlined our range of options to make our process as efficient as possible, while still allowing for extreme customizability:

  • Cabinets are available in 2 materials, High Pressure Decorative Laminate and Melamine.
  • Our HPDL cabinets come in dozens of colors, while we have 2 primary color options for Melamine cabinets (with many more available upon request)
  • We have 3 main hinge options: 120-degree, 170-degree, and 5-knuckle (all nickel plated)

Your cabinets can be upgraded in a number of ways – with finished ends or interiors, plywood cores, pre-finished veneers, and much more!

Cutting-Edge Cabinet Manufacturing Technology

At Miller’s Casework, we’ve reduced the opportunity for human error in the manufacturing process. We use Computer Numerical Control software to ensure your cabinets are produced consistently, accurately, and flawlessly.

Put simply, our industry-leading CNC software creates program codes and instructions to run our routing machines. It turns your designs and specifications into computer-speak. As a result, when you order custom cabinets from Miller’s Casework, you will receive beautiful, precise, detailed products of the highest quality.

High Quality Custom Cabinet Manufacturing

When you order cabinetry from Miller’s Casework, we don’t pull dusty casework off of a shelf. We make each cabinet, one at a time, to your exact specifications – size, color, material, and more. Every cabinet we build is made of premium-grade materials that meet or exceed American Woodworking Institute standards.

If you’re wondering if you can afford custom cabinetry in your office, workspace, kitchen, bathroom, utility closet, pantry, master bedroom, or elsewhere, call Miller’s Casework today for a free quote! (931) 739-9292

Frameless Cabinets Johnson City, TN

May 31st, 2018

Perhaps you haven’t heard of minimalism yet. Minimalism focuses on what you love and weeds out everything you don’t need. Minimalism in design style is where practicality and functionality meet excellence and beauty. Frameless cabinets in Johnson City, TN are the perfect cabinets for the modern day minimalist. To learn more about our frameless cabinets, call Miller’s Casework today at (931) 739-9292 for a free consultation.

Practicality and Functionality

Minimalists want functional, practical products in their lives that are durable. They don’t like wasted space and want to utilize the space they have wisely. Our frameless cabinets are thicker and stronger than stock cabinets, and the lack of frame allows greater access to the interior of the cabinets. This smarter use of space means that the interior of your cabinets will hold more than cabinets with frames that are of equal size. Our cabinetry is limitlessly customizable to fit your exact needs.

Excellence and Beauty


Although your typical minimalist focuses on function and smart design, beauty and excellence hold just as much value to them. Our frameless cabinets in Johnson City, TN offer a sleek, seamless design that is visually appealing and stunningly elegant. Not only are our designs sophisticated with a touch of fresh simplicity, but they are also crafted with such precision and quality that they are some of the best cabinets in the state. Our blend of timeless, Old World style and values combined with innovative technology during the manufacturing process makes our cabinetry premium-grade. We use:

  • High-Pressure Decorative Laminate (HPDL) and Melamine
  • WilsonArt and Formica brands
  • A variety of color choices
  • 120 degrees and 170 degrees nickel plated hinges and heavy duty five-knuckle hinges
  • ¾” particle board doors with HPDL exterior

Frameless cabinets are perfect for homes, restaurants, bathrooms, offices, garages, childcare facilities, shops, and more.  If you love subtle sophistication and beauty mixed with efficiency and simplicity, you might be a minimalist. So, if a minimalist design appeals to you, call Miller’s Casework today. Our Old World values have been passed down through the generations, and we believe that every customer should receive nothing less than the best. Call us today for your free estimate at (931) 739-9292.

Commercial Cabinetry Johnson City, TN

May 30th, 2018

Are you the kind of person who perks up at the word “custom”? Do you know what you like and you love when things are done perfectly? If you are looking for cabinetry that is built just for you, then you need Miller’s Casework. At Miller’s Casework. We completely customize your commercial cabinetry in Johnson City, TN to fit your exact space and your exact needs. Call us today for a cabinetry estimate at (931) 739-9292.

Beauty and Functionality


One of the ways that we can offer our customers such limitless customization is because Miller’s Casework is a different kind of cabinetry company. Stock cabinets don’t fit every space, and they lack the character and quality that our custom cabinets have. We blend the Old World craftsmanship with modern design to give you a unique product that is beautiful and fits your needs. Our frameless European design has been passed down from generation to generation, and our cabinetry is a work of art. Our contemporary manufacturing processes make our cabinetry durable and also allows us even more customization.

Endless Customization

We use CNC software and equipment to design and create your cabinetry. This type of innovative technology focuses on every tiny detail and meticulously configures your cabinets to fit your space. You will be able to see your cabinets in every color, material, brand, finish, and with every different accessory imaginable. We have 100+ color options for your custom cabinets and 50+ Formica options for the countertops.


Our Old World roots give our cabinetry beauty and strength. We use high-quality materials and precision standards just like cabinet makers of the past. But by using computerized manufacturing methods, we can take our standards to a whole new level while providing you with the absolute best commercial cabinetry in Johnson City, TN.


Miller’s Casework offers warranty options on all of our cabinetry, and we are so sure that you will be satisfied with your cabinets that we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our cabinetry is built on the same foundation that our company is built on: excellence and honor. We have grown to become known as one of the best cabinet manufacturers in Tennessee, and that is a title that we are proud to hold. So if you want completely customized cabinetry that will withstand the test of time and still look beautiful for years to come, call Miller’s Casework today at (931) 739-9292. We’d be honored to hear from you.

Commercial Cabinets Johnson City, TN

April 28th, 2018

When you run a business, you want that business to be as productive as possible. Commercial cabinets in Johnson City, TN. is the best way to make sure that your company is the most productive that it can be. At Miller’s Casework, we provide custom frameless commercial cabinetry that is known the world over. It does not matter what kind of space you are wanting to utilize, at Miller’s Casework, we will custom build your frameless commercial cabinets in Johnson City to suit your needs. Call us today at (931) 739-9292 for a no-cost quote.

There are usually one of three reasons why you would be needing commercial cabinets in Johnson City, TN.; your business is ready for a facelift, your current cabinetry doesn’t suit your needs, or you are designing a new build and you want commercial cabinets that are done right the first time around.

Give Your Business A Facelift


If your company is in need of a facelift, Miller’s Casework is ready with 100+ color options for your custom cabinets, which will transform your dull, outdated office or other space that is in need of an update. You can choose from 50+ Formica options for the countertops. With the custom-built frameless cabinets that are perfectly built to fit your specifications, your business will run at maximum productivity and in style, too. You will have the most up-to-date useable custom built commercial cabinets in Johnson City, TN.

Complete Customization

You might be constantly looking for things in your office because your current cabinetry does not fit your business needs. At Miller’s Casework, we listen to your specific needs before designing your cabinets. You know better than anyone what will work best for your business. Whether you are needing more storage space, lab cabinets, workstations, islands or bookcases we will customize your project for you. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, our team of experienced craftsman have the knowledge and experience to create storage cabinets for your business, big or small.

Building Your Business Right From the Start

When you are building a new business, you want everything right from the start. Once your business is disorganized and underproductive, it can be difficult to get it headed in the right direction again. Starting your business off the right way will give you an advantage in the business world and a leg up on the competition.

If you are in need of beautiful, frameless European-design commercial cabinets, Miller’s Casework can build exactly what you are in need of. At Miller’s Casework, we design and build our frameless cabinets with precision and details to fit exactly into your space, unlike prefab cabinetry. We provide high-quality casework that lasts and is durable. Call us today at (931) 739-9292 for a free project estimation.

Cabinet Manufacturer Johnson City, TN

April 27th, 2018

At Miller’s Casework, we love what we do, and we take pride in each and every cabinet that we create. If you are looking for a cabinet manufacturer in Johnson City, TN who will give you custom commercial or residential cabinets with a European frameless design, Miller Casework is ready to deliver exactly what you are needing to fulfill your cabinetry needs. Give us a call at (931) 739-9292 for your free quote.

When you think back to the way things used to be, you probably would agree that quality craftsmanship has gotten rarer and harder to come by. In times past, most craftsmen took pride in what they created. They say that some things are just “a dying art”.  Well, that might be true for the most part, but there is a company who still takes pride in their work and always pours Old World craftsmanship into each cabinet that they build. If you are looking for a cabinet manufacturer in Johnson City, TN and you want quality craftsmanship blended with today’s technology, Miller’s Casework is the company you need. At Miller’s Casework, we have the following qualities that set us apart from most companies of today.

  • We specialize in custom casework
  • We use premium grade materials
  • We are a family-owned business
  • Our European frameless design
  • We build both commercial and residential cabinets
  • Our experienced craftsman
  • We use modern techniques
  • We strive for customer satisfaction
  • We provide quick service
  • Our quality craftsmanship

If you are looking for a cabinet manufacturer in Johnson City, TN who uses top-quality materials for the custom commercial cabinets that they build, Miller’s Casework does exactly that. The materials that we use are part of what sets us apart. We not only have Old World values, we have modern techniques and materials that are both durable and beautiful.

  • We use High-Pressure Decorative Laminate and Melamine materials for our frameless cabinets.
  • We create and design the frameless cabinets with CNC software.
  • We offer a wide range of colors to choose from.
  • We use fully-adjustable nickel-plated hinges.

It is just as important today to be able to trust a company to deliver a quality product with integrity as it was in the past. It just isn’t as common to find a company who still has those Old-World values and is willing to use the technology and materials to create a better, more long-lasting product. At Miller’s Casework, we take pride in our work. So if you want a cabinet manufacturer that you can depend on, call us today at (931) 739-9292 for your free quote.