Frameless Cabinets Franklin, TN

July 30th, 2017

First impressions are important—especially for business owners. What are your customers seeing when they first walk in the door?

If it’s time to update your professional space, have you considered new frameless cabinets? It’s incredible what a difference a new set of cabinets can make in your business venue, adding polish and a crisp, fresh, professional look that will impress customers from the moment they step inside.

If your business is located in Franklin, TN, or its environs, call Miller’s Casework today for all of your cabinetry needs, (931) 739-9292. Our custom-made, exquisitely crafted cabinets can turn your drab business space into a fab business space!

Frameless Cabinet Benefits


There are many reasons the European frameless cabinet design has become such a popular one among business owners. They include:

  • Added storage space
  • Sleek, seamless aesthetic
  • Drawers tend to be larger
  • Easier cabinet access, since there is no center stile
  • Structurally sound

Whether you want larger cabinets than the ones you currently have or you’re looking for a sleek new look to update your business’ interior, give Miller’s Casework a call today, (931) 739-9292.

We are a family-oriented business, and we take pride in the work we do. Our beautifully crafted cabinets are durable and functional and will wonderfully meet your needs, no matter what they are!

The Miller’s Casework Difference

Quality is the No. 1 thing customers have come to expect from Miller’s Casework, and we strive to provide exceptional quality each and every time.

Here are some other things you can expect when you work with Miller’s Casework:

  • High-quality residential and commercial cabinet products that are crafted using only the very finest materials
  • Outstanding high-pressure decorative laminate and melamine casework options
  • Premium-grade craftsmanship with efficient, computerized manufacturing operations
  • Personalized service
  • Fully trained and certified installers
  • Large array of design and color choices
  • Residential and commercial casework built with techniques that meet or exceed Architectural Woodworking Institute standards

Call Us for an Estimate!

For all your cabinetry needs, Miller’s Casework offers the gorgeous, durable craftsmanship you’re looking for.

Give us a call today, (931) 739-9292, to get an expert frameless cabinetry estimate. We will provide you with a variety of options to fit your needs and your budget!

Commercial Cabinetry Franklin, TN

July 30th, 2017

If you’re looking for commercial cabinetry services in the Franklin, TN, area, you can always count on receiving cabinets of exquisite quality, durability and craftsmanship from Miller’s Casework. We are a Tennessee-based commercial cabinet manufacturer specializing in both residential and commercial cabinetry.

We specialize in blending Old World craftsmanship with contemporary design and manufacturing practices, and the result is gorgeous cabinetry that is both visually appealing and functional.

For all of your cabinet needs, look to Miller’s Casework for the quality and beauty you want and need! Give us a call today, (931) 739-9292, to receive a free quote on custom-made, expertly crafted cabinets to revolutionize your business space.

Why Choose Miller’s Casework?


There are many reasons customers turn to Miller’s Casework for all of their cabinetry needs. We boast an experienced team of craftsmen who give the utmost attention to detail on every single order they fulfill. When it comes to precision, detail and aesthetics, our custom work is unmatched!

Miller’s Casework has been built on a lengthy family legacy of Old World woodcraft expertise, and we put our illustrious heritage to work for our customers, providing them with gorgeous workmanship that satisfies both their practical needs and their love for beauty.

When you turn to Miller’s Casework for master craftsmanship and top-quality cabinet manufacturing services, you can always count on:

  • Materials and construction techniques that meet or exceed Architectural Woodworking Institute standards
  • Custom casework for any residential or commercial application
  • High-pressure decorative laminate and melamine casework options
  • Industry-leading CNC software and equipment
  • Huge array of color options for full aesthetic appeal
  • Exceptional quality in every aspect of our manufacturing process
  • Expert craftsmanship for quality and durability

Get a Free Commercial Cabinet Quote

When you call on Miller’s Casework to meet your commercial cabinetry needs, you can always count on exceptional quality and superb customer service. Throughout the manufacturing process, you will always be met with friendly, professional service from our team members.

Call us today, (931) 739-9292, to receive a free, no-obligation commercial cabinetry quote. We will provide you with the very best options to satisfy your needs and your budget, and we will design an attractive custom cabinetry plan to perfectly fit your space!

Cabinet Manufacturer Franklin, TN

June 30th, 2017

Whether you’re looking for a standalone cabinet project or need a full-service cabinet partner to manufacture all your casework, you’ve come to the right place! Miller’s Casework is a full-service cabinet manufacturer serving Franklin, TN, and the surrounding areas with gorgeous residential and commercial cabinetry. We specialize in supplying exquisitely crafted cabinets that showcase Old World design to both commercial and residential casework distributors and vendors within the cabinet and millwork industry.

Call us today at (931) 739-9292 for a free quote, and let us show you all of the fantastic options available to you from Miller’s Casework!

Top-Quality Cabinets


At Miller’s Casework, we’ve perfected the art of blending exceptional craftsmanship with the most modern techniques to manufacture cabinets that are both high-quality and eye-catching. Bringing incredible Old World detail to large-scale manufacturing is no easy feat, but that’s exactly what we do!

On the commercial cabinetry side, there are many reasons to choose Miller’s Casework:

  • Our techniques meet or exceed Architectural Woodworking Institute standards.
  • Our commercial casework is fully customizable.
  • We offer a broad array of designs and products using both high-pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) and melamine.
  • We design and manufacture all of our products using the very latest CNC software and equipment.
  • We offer a wide variety of color options.
  • Our customer service is second to none!

This attention to detail and quality further extends to our residential cabinet manufacturing services. We offer gorgeous frameless cabinets for residential use, serving clients in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky. Whether a customer needs a furniture piece like an entertainment center or is in need of cabinets for a bathroom, kitchen or home office, we’re on the job! Our Old-World-meets-new approach gives homeowners the best of both worlds: classic quality and charm with contemporary sleekness and appeal.

Cabinet Manufacturing

Miller’s Casework has streamlined and organized its methods over the years in order to provide a quick turnaround on rush orders while also delivering the highest quality and offering full customizability.

Here are some of the options we offer:

  • Materials: Choose between HPDL and melamine. HPDL is sturdy and is our main option for standard cabinets; melamine enables greater project flexibility and is lower-cost.
  • Brands: The standard brands we use are Formica and WilsonArt; however, we will provide other laminate brands upon request if you have a special desire or need.
  • Colors: We offer a large array of color choices, with even more available on request.
  • Hinges: Our standard hinges are fully adjustable 120-degree nickel-plated hinges, but we also offer 170-degree and heavy-duty five-knuckle hinge options.
  • Box options: We additionally offer finished ends, finished interiors, unfinished veneers, prefinished veneers, plywood cores, and internal toekick and plywood ladder bases. We can handle any alteration requests!

Give us a call today, (931) 739-9292, for all your cabinet manufacturing needs!

Commercial Cabinets Franklin, TN

June 30th, 2017

You only get one chance at a first impression. What first impression is your business facility giving your clients when they enter it? If it’s time to update your workplace—both for style and for storage—some new commercial cabinets from Miller’s Casework will be just the thing. If you conduct business in Franklin, TN, or the surrounding areas, let us help you create an inviting, eye-catching space where customers will feel supremely comfortable from the moment they enter.

Miller’s Casework is family owned and operated and offers top-quality commercial cabinet solutions for all types of businesses. Give us a call today at (931) 739-9292 to learn more about the services we offer to update and add functionality to your business facility!

Stylish Choices


At Miller’s Casework, we offer various options in terms of materials for your commercial cabinets so you always have plenty to choose from as we help you select the best look for your business facility.

The fundamental choice to be made is between laminate and solid wood. Laminate can be either a synthetic material or wood that has been cut very thin, while solid wood is just what its name implies—100 percent wood.

As with most things, there are pros and cons to be considered with both choices:

  • Laminate
    • PROS: Laminate can be made to look just like solid wood, complete with a glossy finish. It is also the less expensive choice, is durable and is easy to clean and maintain.
    • CONS: In a damp area, laminate will eventually start cracking, peeling or discoloring as time passes. Laminate is also known to weaken and become shabby-looking with the passage of time.
  • Solid wood
    • PROS: Solid wood can be treated, stained or painted to create any look you want. There are also many different kinds of wood, and each offers unique benefits, like durability and ease of use. Solid wood cabinetry can also last a lifetime if maintained properly.
    • CONS: The primary drawback of solid wood cabinetry is its price—it is significantly more expensive than laminate.

The Miller’s Casework Difference

Miller’s Casework boasts a lineup of satisfied customers who are quick to sing our praises. That is because we perform only the highest-quality work using only the highest-quality tools, materials and techniques. The result is beautiful cabinetry that totally transforms your space.

We also strive hard to complete our work speedily and efficiently, causing as little disruption your to everyday business opportunities as possible. Call today for a free professional estimate, (931) 739-9292, and find out how Miller’s Casework can transform your space!

Commercial Cabinetry Chattanooga, TN

May 31st, 2017

Old Craftsmanship, Modern Techniques


Commercial cabinetry serves numerous functional and aesthetic purposes. By creating additional storage space and systematically arranging your office, they expand employee productivity and quicken the workflow. Cabinets also organize the high-traffic areas in your office and lend it a charming, efficient look. If you want to improve the aesthetic and efficiency of your workspace through building commercial cabinetry in Chattanooga, TN, call Miller’s Casework at 931-739-9292. We will take your office to the next level.

What really sets us apart is our success in balancing the best between the old and new world styles. Miller’s Casework combines old world craftsmanship with modern, CNC manufacturing processes to deliver cabinets and casework of astounding quality, functionality, and appearance.   All our materials and manufacturing techniques meet or exceed the standards laid down by the Architectural Woodwork Institute.

Meticulously Yours: Miller’s Casework


Miller’s Casework offers the following commercial cabinetry services in Chattanooga, TN:

  • Value Engineering
  • Detailed Planning
  • Project Site Analysis
  • Categorical Specifications
  • Site Research
  • Project Manager
  • Timeline Understanding

Call us today at 931-739-9292 for seamless, start-to-finish project execution. Miller’s Casework makes:

  • Commercial Frameless Cabinets for any setting and strength
  • Custom:
  • Millwork Cabinetry
  • Hardwood Cabinetry
  • Cabinetry from Reclaimed Wood
  • Stainless Steel Cabinets
  • Laminated Commercial Casework

We understand that each commercial client has different needs when it comes to their cabinetry.  Here at Miller’s Casework, we will make sure we customize your cabinets to expertly match your requirements.

The Undisputed First Choice

As a family owned and operated business, Miller’s Casework maintains one-on-one personal bonds with its many valued customers. Call us at 931-739-9292 for commercial cabinetry in Chattanooga, TN and get:

  • Meticulous and Professional Craftsmanship
  • Personal Focus by Friendly and Courteous Personnel
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Computerized Manufacturing Process
  • Premium-Grade Materials and Techniques
  • Durability
  • Range of Material, Color, and Brand Options
  • Diligent Work Standards for Speed and Quality
  • Smooth Project Execution
  • Minimum Waste
  • Warranty Options

Our strong family values show who we truly are through the way we treat all our clients.  We believe in providing the absolute best to each and every customer who calls on us.  Let us show you why so many business owners have trusted Miller’s Casework with their commercial cabinetry needs.  Call us today at 931-739-9292.  We look forward to working for you.

Frameless Cabinets Chattanooga, TN

May 31st, 2017

Your Style Statement


Cabinetry is your style and class statement. Frameless cabinets have the sleek, modern look. Miller’s Casework is a framework cabinet specialist and you can call us today at 931-739-9292 for a free estimate on frameless cabinets in Chattanooga, TN. Miller’s Casework blends the merits of old world craftsmanship with modern-day manufacturing processes to create frameless cabinets with a charming, classical look with contemporary finish. Apart from Tennessee, we serve strategic areas in Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky.

Albert Miller is the owner of Miller’s Casework and comes from a family of wood crafters that goes back generations. We have shed none of the old-world-style attention to detail. Rather, we have improved it by adopting industry-leading CNC manufacturing software and processes.  Perfecting the art over multiple generations has given us the confidence to say that no one makes frameless cabinets like us. We have a long list of delighted customers who will bear testimony to this fact!

Miller’s Maximum Frameless Advantage


Also called European, 32-mm, and full access cabinets, frameless cabinets are cabinets without a face frame. Rather, they are a box-type cabinet. Without the frame, the cabinet door covers the box and presents a seamless and streamlined look that is essentially modern.

When you call Miller’s Casework at 931-739-9292 for frameless cabinets in Chattanooga, TN, you choose to maximize all the advantages of frameless cabinets:

  • Toned, Modern Appearance
  • Greater Interior Space
  • Superior Strength and Durability
  • Easy Access

Frameless cabinets have quickly become the premier choice for homeowners and commercial building owners.  They are reliable and beautiful, and allow additional, more practical space.  When you’re ready to learn more about our frameless cabinetry options, give Miller’s Casework a call today at 931-739-9292.  Our associates are able to answer any questions you may have about your frameless cabinet options.

The Frameless, Miller Standard

When you’re searching for a custom look for your home or office, call Miller’s Casework.  Our premium selection of cabinets are able to be customized to any taste.  Let us put our top-notch craftsmanship to work for you.

To maximize all the advantages of frameless cabinets in Chattanooga, TN, call Miller’s Casework today at 931-739-9292.  We look forward to working with you.

Commercial Cabinets Chattanooga, Tennessee

April 28th, 2017

Miller’s Casework offers an array of custom millwork and fabrication services to the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. Ensuring your project is handled in the best way possible is our primary goal. We focus on ideas and services that exceed not only your expectations, but also your project requirements and that is what sets us apart from the competition. If you would like our professional opinion on your commercial cabinetry needs, call our office at (931) 739-9292. We will gladly inspect your space and create a look that is functional and one of a kind.

In order to be consistent with the products our dedicated team creates while minimizing waste, we rely on all of the latest technology. This helps with precision as well as uniformity for larger scale projects. From the first phone call to design and production followed up with installation, you will be blown away by our customer service.


Commercial cabinetry services include the following:

  • Value Engineering
  • Detailed Planning
  • Project Site Analysis
  • Clear Specifications
  • Site Research
  • Project Manager
  • Timeline Understanding

The Miller’s Casework team stands behind everything we build 100%. All components of your commercial cabinets are far superior than industry standards. This, paired with our high-quality woods and laminate options guarantees a finished product that will stand the test of time. Let our experts design commercial cabinets for your Chattanooga, Tennessee space. Whether you have a library, doctor’s office, restaurant, hotel, etc. the Miller’s team is fully prepared and able to provide you with custom cabinets that will increase the functionality of your space and are aesthetically pleasing as well. Call us today to learn about our warranty options for our services. You can reach our office at (931) 739-9292.

When you rely on Miller’s Casework for all your commercial cabinetry needs you are putting your faith in company that has a long-standing record of serving Chattanooga, Tennessee and surrounding communities. Let our team of expert craftsmen improve your commercial space today. We can increase production and create a clean and open work space for your employees. Call for a free project assessment. You can reach us by phone at (931) 739-9292.

Cabinet Manufacturer Chattanooga, Tennessee

April 28th, 2017

Miller’s Casework is a success driven cabinet manufacturer that serves Chattanooga, Tennessee and surrounding communities. Commercial and residential properties throughout Tennessee and parts of George, Alabama and Kentucky all showcase the cabinetry we provide to enhance their space while increasing the functionality of their facility.

At Miller’s Casework, we have always been driven to produce high-quality commercial cabinetry at competitive prices. Through hard work, training and our attention to detail we have become the go-to source for all things cabinet. Offering superior products that are provided in a timely manner is what we are known for. Call our office today at (931) 739-9292 for a project assessment so we can design custom cabinetry for your office space.

Our team of dedicated cabinet manufacturers are committed to growing our company while maintaining the one-on-one customer service and attention to quality craftsmanship. We are Chattanooga, Tennessee’s source for commercial cabinetry.

After a thorough analysis of your space, our team will discuss your cabinetry possibilities and all of your options. Our design services offer completely unique and flexible options that will greatly benefit any space. A few of the facility types we have served include:

  • Restaurants
  • Locker rooms
  • Hotels
  • Health facilities
  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • And so much more!

We will discuss your cabinetry needs and do our best to ensure we meet and exceed every expectation. We believe that with open and clear lines of communication there is no such thing as a project too large or small. We will converse with you along the way to ensure all of your ideas and specifications are met. From the first phone call to the completion of your cabinetry project, you will be in great hands with our team.

If you have a commercial property in Chattanooga, Tennessee, contact Miller’s Casework today at (931) 739-9292, we look forward to the opportunity of being your go-to cabinet manufacturer. We offer quality service, superior materials and unmatched customer service. Let us put our years of expertise to work for you and your cabinetry project.

Commercial Cabinetry Murfreesboro, Tennessee

April 1st, 2017

There are several ways that our variety of office storage solutions can aide your facility. Professional office settings, garage storage requirements and everything in between, Miller’s Casework has got you covered. We have organizational storage options to maximize your space and increase efficiency to:

  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Declutter workspaces
  • Heighten workflow
  • Organize high traffic areas
  • Beautify any space

With our custom commercial cabinetry, Miller’s Casework can transform your workspace into a more comfortable and efficient work place. If you would like to learn about the many ways our cabinetry solutions can help your facility, please give us a call. Our office number is (931) 739-9292. We always look forward to speaking with potential and return clients alike.

Commercial Cabinetry

Part of what we offer our clients is functionality. We are here to improve your storage needs and to make your space work for you. When you rely on Miller’s Casework you can expect quality craftsmanship for your commercial or industrial space. A few types of commercial properties we serve include:

  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Libraries
  • Salons
  • Health facilities
  • And much, much more

We have improved facilities in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and all surrounding communities. Commercial cabinetry projects of all size and requirements, there is nothing our dedicated team can’t handle. Call today to learn how we can improve your space. You can reach our main office at (931) 739-9292.

Commercial Cabinet Manufacturer

For our clients located in Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama or Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we look forward to working with you. We are known for durable commercial cabinets that are beautiful and functional. We offer beautiful European designs as well as more traditional styles. For quality that shows with every commercial cabinetry project we complete, it is no wonder why Miller’s Casework is leading the commercial cabinetry market in our service area. We guarantee to bring you Old World Craftsmanship enhanced with modern day manufacturing techniques.

If you are interested in a FREE commercial cabinetry project estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact our main office. You can reach us at (931) 739-9292 and we look forward to working together.

Frameless Cabinets Murfreesboro, Tennessee

April 1st, 2017

What is a Frameless Cabinet?

A frameless cabinet is built without a face frame, essentially a box. Because they are lacking a frame your cabinet doors will cover the box, creating a more contemporary, seamless appearance.

Frameless Cabinet Advantages

There are different opinions on which style of cabinet is superior. Truth be told, with quality materials, like the ones Miller’s Casework offers, and expert installation, a frameless cabinet will provide the sturdy storage solutions you are looking for.

  • Frameless cabinets provide a more modern look. As previous stated, frameless cabinets offer a more streamlined appearance that works beautifully with more contemporary homes or offices. A seamless, flowing design that really emphasizes your style.
  • Frameless means more space. Because the cabinet box is its own frame there are fewer reinforcements inside of the cabinet. This allows for more space inside. More room for under cleaning products under the sink or space for a couple more glasses.
  • Strength in simplicity. The entire box of your frameless cabinet is made from sturdy, high quality materials that make your cabinet stronger than its framed counterpart, providing you with a cabinet that will last longer and can bear years of heavy usage.
  • Easy access with your frameless cabinets. Framed cabinets don’t just provide additional reinforcement, the frames also take up valuable space. Cabinets that are easy to access and have the capability to store even more than framed cabinets.

Frameless cabinets are a higher-end look that will enhance any space. To learn more about how your Murfreesboro, Tennessee home or office will directly benefit from our frameless cabinets, please call today. You can reach us at (931) 739-9292. We look forward to the chance to improve your space with beautiful frameless cabinets.

Project Estimate


If you are interested in new cabinets to meet your increased storage needs to beautify your space, you cannot go wrong with Miller’s Casework. We gladly provide our clients with no-obligation frameless cabinetry estimates. After an inspection of your space and a learning about your cabinetry needs and budget, our team will design a customized look for your property. Estimates are provided in a timely manner by respectful and qualified professionals.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee is just one of the many areas we service. Call us today at (931) 739-9292 to find out if we work in your neck of the woods!